Defence Management

We provide experienced and targeted support to portfolios, programmes and projects in the Defence sector to energise change and deliver real products. 


Defence management is critical to our national fabric as it guides the effectiveness and efficiency of the UK's Navy, Army and Airforce.  This support ensures Defence fulfils its duty in keeping the UK safe and protected against internal and external threats; an ever-changing environment.  This implies strong adherence to transparency and accountability at all organisational levels and the existence of an effective oversight system.

We have particular strength in the Defence environment – from strategy formulation to delivery.


Our team has extensive experience in defence programmes with a focus on engineering, logistics and information project management. Borne out of extensive military experience, we have a well-defined and robust approach to supporting our clients across a broad portfolio in order to maximise client relevance.


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Dragonfly Team Synergy specialise in engineering, logistics and information project management in both defence procurement and defence programmes.

Our dedicated and specialist team provides complete management solutions from strategy formulation through to delivery.  Our defined and robust approach is borne out of extensive military experience which includes the Army, Fleet and Air as well as working with DE&S from both the military and civilian perspectives. 

For industries supplying DE&S – or hoping to supply – we have experience with Army HQ, Navy HQ and Air HQ as well as working with DE&S and ISS. Our insights into the Intelligent Customer initiative means we can guide you in understanding what is actually being requested through the tendering process.