The nature of our delivery is driven

by our business values of:

  • Professionalism. Wholly focused on the client; articulate, professional and honest.


  • Integrity. An atmosphere of privacy; a confidential service delivered to and for you alone.


  • Respect. For your existing business experience, knowledge and skills.


  • Timeliness. A guarantee that we are always on time and always deliver on schedule.


  • Quality. A Gold Standard approach that reflects our investment in you; in depth of evaluation, in focus and in our drive to see you develop.



  • Dragonfly Team Synergy's Motto 'One Step Further' has motivated Adam & Amanda throughout their combined 60 years of military service as they progressed from barrack-room to boardroom. Success for them is going one step further by knowing more, being more and doing more as an approach to life; step by step, achievable success.

  • Dragonfly Team Synergy know that this approach works having applied it to a spectrum of difficult circumstances and environments throughout their careers.  Their translation of this approach into the business environment enables them to develop organisations and teams through their unique experience, approach and delivery. 


To be recognised across the East Midlands as an organisation that strengthens individuals physically and mentally to achieve personal and organisational aims.


To help businesses achieve more by developing people, strategy and processes through the use of imaginatively unique, team-orientated tools and techniques.