Dragonfly Team Synergy delivers bespoke team development opportunities to forward-thinking organisations using military-style command tasks and innovative business thinking.


Located at the picturesque Ednaston Park, on the outskirts of Derby, the centre comprises all-weather military command style exercises, delivered alongside bespoke, organisational-specific activities; all designed to boost team dynamics, productivity and success.

This is a team day that creates a culture of collaboration from the word 'go' - these are skills that are retained and utilised for the long-term.


Why not take your team to the next level?  Have a look at the Dragonfly Team Synergy Centre below.

Why our team day works in a 'one of a kind' way

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies out there offering team-building experiences.

But, we know our offering is one-of-a-kind.

Why?  Because your return on investment will start immediately – as soon as your people go back to their everyday workplace, they can employ the skills and techniques that we introduce to them. We believe the ingredients to a productive output are fresh ways of thinking, an assortment of business experiences, an appreciation of reality, an abundance of alternative ideas, a level of practical ability and a large measure of team collaboration topped off with a sprinkle of fun throughout.

We draw on our practical and academic experience to design and deliver each package to benefit your people. Our staff are all experienced in Business Development and how to get the very best out of individuals and teams.


About the owners


AMANDA FOSTER.  A Chartered Engineer and Fellow member of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE). Amanda has more than 30 years experience within Defence and Industry successfully delivering organisational change to improve business.


ADAM FRASER-HITCHEN.  A Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers and alumnus of the Windsor Leadership Trust. Adam has over three decades of experience in leading successful teams, stimulating and delivering change.


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